May 12, 2016


Hari-hari cita-cita nak hupdate blog.

5 bulan kemudian masih gagal. Haha.

2016 tahun paling gamble. I run from home. Well tade la larik sangat, but without my dad's consent. He asked to stay and help him, but something happened, I couldn't stay any longer, else I'll be the real tanggang.

Apparently, when things happened, this job offer me the best thing that I could have. Something that I wouldn't dare to take last two years because I don't find my passion in it. Tapi sebab nak lari, aku accept it and just go for it.

So here I am. A network engineer. Life is nerd I tell you. Sekarang da faham la kenapa budak IT mostly gemuk, specky, nerd, muka stone, skema. HAHA. Let see how long I can maintain my figure. Life apparently become just like an engineer should be. Sleepy, stone and shabby.