February 6, 2017

I Have So Many Shit To Settle







(One) because it is not work related (Two) because I need the internet to settle them but the internet at home means nothing, I usually end up stare at this-circle-loading-fuck-shit blank phone for hours. (Three) I vacuum my room almost everyday day it takes 40 mins over my 24 hours (Four) I have so many things to write but I couldn't because hmm, malas cakap ah satgi aku EMO PETALA LAPAN. Pikior pasai mende tu pon dah meruap ruap nak meletup gunung berapi dalam hati ni haa.

I feel like deactivating my FB and IG. Perhaps I shall put my phone aside too. I just wanna lay down and think nothing which impossible.

*tetibe berair mata*

why baby why