October 7, 2016

Alhamdulillah hidup lagi kau

Last weekend was a looooooooong weekend. 

I choose to stay in KL cuz mom not gonna be there. Fwensie going back to hometown, some even off to holiday.

Home. Watching movie back to back on Netflix and Popcorn. Scroll IG and FB for thousand times. Trying hard to complete monthly report and spring cleaning, which these two settled on 2AM the next day. lalala

Most of my friend know, Farah sejenis manusia tak pernah lekat dekat rumah. But I break my own record. Sariyanto pon tak start langsung. I cooked to eat. Insane right. 

Then, the next working day which is Tuesday, I'm off to work and was glad and happy to be in the blue room. This. Is. Not. Normal. Why do I feel so happy to be in the office? I even skipping myself going upstairs. Oh Lord.

So, yesterday, Pija said she was bored. We met at Sentral. She was there with smile and open arms ready to hug. The first sentence that came out from this lady was; 

"Alhamdulillah Farah hidup lagi aku ingat dah mati melekat kat rumah tiga hari, selamat lagi kawan aku alhamdulillah."


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