October 1, 2015

Umur I berapa eh tahun ni?

He called me last night after several text messages that I have sent to him. 

I was about to sleep due to headache when I saw his big face on my phone screen. 

So I answered. Tengah borak merepek-repek,

he asked, "Eh umur I berapa tahun ni? 26 ke 27?" 

"27. dah kenapa"

"Tahun depan I 28 la? *high pitch*"


"Okay la kita kawen tahun depan. Nanti tahun depan kita pergi kursus kawen."

Hahahahahahhahahahahhaha. It feel so good whenever he initiate this topic tho. Last year it always me who is in lalaland going thru all this wedding tips and shit because all my friend did and I was one of the bridesmaid. I just have too. Dan sesungguhnya perasaan nak kawen jugak tu memang la membuak-buak. But at one point I dont feel like it anymore. 

Until he talk about it. Rarely. Which make me sengih tersipu-sipu suka padahal dalam hati da melompat lompat. Kahkah. 

If only he knew exactly what's going on here. 

Oh dad, please.

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